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DJ NoKap (Avishai Kaplan)

DJ & Art Blogger.

Everyone has a story to tell that the world needs to hear.

DJ NoKap (Avishai Kaplan), a slang that means "no lie",

believes that dancing is meditation - that is, a deep connection between soul and body, made possible with music that reaches down and connects the two.

Through his surprising sets and mash-ups, and also his magnetic and inviting presence on stage, DJ NoKap is telling unique, honest, and emotional stories that help people connect their own body and soul - and dance.


And now, he invites you to join him - and share your heart with the world together on the dancefloor.

My journey as a DJ has officially begun.

On the 31st of May, 2023, I performed at the famous Voodoo Bar in Tel Aviv. The short set was a tale of the past two years - from the darkness of Melodic Techno to the shining lights of big EDM festivals, and back to the heartfelt and emotional synths of my mash-up, "ilothing".

Stay tuned. Even more exciting things are coming.

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